Water Damage Empire was started by two friends who had being victims of water damage and rampant mold infestation after a flooding back in 200. But then climate change and global warming were perceived as creations of scientists to create unnecessary hype.

Soon the two decided to start a company that would offer nothing but the best water damage and mold removal service. Water damage was one of the primary services that they offered but they soon managed to expand and started offering also mold assessment and mold removal services.

Since then we have managed to expand the business by more than 50% and we are grown steadily. It gives us tremendous joy to see more people referring new customers to us and for that we promise to continue offering the best to our Lansing Water Damage Restoration Company customers.

What Keeps Us Going

One of the things that keep us going is the satisfaction that we get when we offer a service and the customer is happy about it. We are also motivated by the goals that we have set for our company as well as the mission and the objectives. We always change the goals once we achieve them rest we become constant or fail to continue progressing.

Our Personnel

At first we only have a couple of friends who were interested in this form of work but they did not really have the skills set and experience that was needed. We therefore decided to change this by hiring experts who are committed and determined to see restoration.chicagowaterdamageteam.com soar above the clouds of success. So far, we have ten full time employees and more than fifty technicians.

Premises and Technology in Use

We have more than twenty different ware houses and head offices that we use to hold meetings with our partners and customers. You are free to visit at any time of the day provided it is open and you book an appointment so that you do not find us in the field. Note that we are always in the field addressing various water damage and mold removal issues that people face and so finding us during weekdays could be a tricky affair.

Good Support Mechanisms

By good support mechanisms, we mean that we have people who support us when we are in the field by making sure that the customer care is served right. They are also actively involved in that empower them with the skills and expertise that they need to keep moving.

For more information about us and the many services that we offer, could you please get in touch with our team. We are looking forward to helping you with all your mold removal and water damage service.